Side Effects Of Essure Birth Control – You Could File A Claim

Essure is a permanent form of birth control for females. It was launched in the market few years back and enticed thousands of US women to use it.

It was considered as an ideal solution for women who were no longer interested to have more babies after their two or more children. On the other hand, they weren’t interested to undergo a surgical procedure.

Without giving a second thought to Essure complications, lots of women in U.S underwent Essure procedure.

essure birth control

An Overview on The Essure Procedure

The Essure basically is a metal coil which used to be inserted by a trained doctor into the fallopian tubes. The Essure inserting process wasn’t lengthy.

As stated by Essure manufacturers, it was designed to avert future pregnancy. No surgery was required and the procedure used to take less than half an hour. Same day, women used to get discharged from hospital.

As mentioned by “Bayer”, the manufacturer of Essure device, claimed that the procedure and device is safe, BUT…When hundreds of cases where registered in the court against the Essure and the manufacturer by women who suffered serious side effects of Essure birth control, at that time the truth came out.

Allegations Made By Sufferers

Women who are suffering from the side effects of Essure has clearly mentioned in their allegations and even have given proofs while filing Essure Side Effects Lawsuit Claims against the Essure device makers along with the doctors involved that they didn’t warn about the possible dangers and risks of using this device.

Though, there have been numerous cases of women suffering more dangerous side effects of Essure birth control that have been lethal and caused severe complications.

essure insertion

Few Of The Severe Side Effects Of Essure Birth Control That Essure Failed To Warn Women About:

• Perforation of the organs: There have been cases where the metal coils have punctured into other organs. Many females had to undergo major surgery to reparation the damage. You can online collect more information related to Essure device and lawsuits filed, till date.

• Whole hysterectomy: In certain cases where the coils have punctured into other organs, the solitary solution was to have a whole hysterectomy, this is a grave surgery and has life-changing consequences.