Drugs to Treat Breast Cancer and Its side effects

There are many women who are recommended to take drugs to end the cancer cells in breast cancer treatment. The type of drug and dosage depends upon the condition of the patient or the stage of cancer.

Modern administration of drugs decided to treat women suffering from breast cancer with advanced methods instead of traditional treatment. One such treatment is chemotherapy.

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Chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer proceeds with the use of drugs. One most commonly used drug is Taxotere which is a powerful drug but has several side effects which include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, hair loss etc.

Studies show that several women, suffering from permanent hair loss after the treatment are filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the drug.

It was stated by the manufacturer that women may suffer from temporary hair loss and their normal hair grow back again after several months. But this never happened; in fact, many patients lost their eyebrow and eyelashes too.

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Observing all these side effects, women started consulting legal experts to file a lawsuit against the company and receive compensation.

If you or your loved one suffered from permanent hair loss due to Taxotere then consult a reliable attorney. You can check more about the hair loss lawsuit here: http://www.taxoterehairlawsuit.com/.

Some of the more common side effects include a decrease in the white cells which increases the risk of infection, darkening of the nails, and hair loss of the whole body. All these side effects make the patient go into depression even after fighting from breast cancer.

And moreover, this drug does not function for all shape of breast cancer and only some patients can get the treatment through this drug.

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Taxotere lawsuits state that:

  1. The manufacturer of the drug failed to inform about the terrible side effects of the treatment.
  2. Doctors and medical experts were not warned about the usage of the drug
  3. Compensation should be given to the patients who suffered from permanent hair loss.